Survey responses

The survey I made had a huge impact on the work I created for this project.

The following images show the questions asked and the responses from the public.



The collected responses from this question became the reason behind my work being 50s inspired, as the majority of people chose 50’s as the answer to this question.



As the highest response to this question was dresses this inspired the dresses within my display.



As a lot of the responses from the public with this question were that they would like to see more vintage in Blackburn, this become my idea for creating my work within a shop to get people in the community back into the spirit of shopping vintage.



This question gave me an interesting view on how people felt about vintage and also began my journey into meeting with the rummage rescuers staff who very kindly agreed to let me use there own shop to display my work.



Exhibition display research

I decided to do some research on how I could display my work in the exhibition in a way that would show the work I had done was for a window display. I looked on Pinterest first to get a few ideas and found these images.

d275ae8eb55f97e96abea0bcb5704a25Pop up creative global agency. (2012). Why Pop-ups Are A Pop-Ular Choice. Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.

2storewindows. (2013). Hermes . Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Annabel. (2011). By Appointment Only Design, at One Mayfair ~ A Glamorous Evening that Showcased the Best of the UK Wedding Industry…. Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Using these ideas as inspiration I created my own cardboard window display. using wood beams for support. I used black and white as using plain colours for the stand drew more attention to the work inside the display.



Rummage Rescuers shops

The above pictures are images of the two shops I have been offered to display my work in there windows. I have decided on the second shop as this shop sells vintage furniture which I feel is more fitting to the project I am doing. I also feel the space in the second shop is more suited to what I want to display.

Papering the Body

I looked in the following book: Adeline Loh (2009). Perfect Paper. Singapore: Page One Publishing Pte. Ltd. 152-189.

Pages 152-189 consist of various ways of papering the body, for example dresses, jewellery, collars. With works from artists such as Jum Nakao, Giovanna Grimoldi, Elisabeth Lecourt and various other artists all working with paper. The design can be as simple

Page 152 explains the history behind paper dresses. “Paper dresses were the rage in the united states in the 1960s- cheap, disposable items which came in a dazzling array of colourful pop prints.”

Using paper for dresses I find is a great way of recycling materials such as books, magazines, newspapers etc.  The designs range from extremely delicate and almost ghostly like pieces of art such as Violise Lunns Bleeding Heart, Japanese paper,2003. To the more bold attention grabbing pieces such as Polly Verity’s Paper Masks 2007-2008, where she experiments with folding paper in different ways to create an effect.

The way a dress from paper can catch the eye as a piece of art or as a decorative piece of clothing inspires me greatly within my work.



Today I created a survey to help with my project. I find this is a great way to get a lot of peoples views on vintage clothing and shops. I feel this will really help in my project. I created a series of questions relevant to my project. I have sent the survey to my Facebook friends, the UAL Fad Facebook page, and various vintage shops that I have visited and spoken to when researching.


Whitworth art gallery


When visiting Manchester for our trip, we were also given the opportunity to visit the Whitworth art gallery. It was a great gallery with a range of different artists including Andy Warhol. I found the shops interesting to look at as they had a great range of displays, and it was interesting to see the techniques used to display items. I took great inspiration from this.

I took a range of photos using the digital SLR camera, some better than others as this was my first day using this type of camera. I took a lot of photos which I edited afterwards on my computers editing system. As there was so many photographs I have put these onto a contact sheet to show the full extent of how many photographs I had taken.


Manchester trip


Today we were given the opportunity to visit Manchester city centre. whilst in Manchester I took the opportunity to visit Manchester’s northern quarter which is brimming with vintage and alternative shops.

I visited the following shops:

  •   Oxfam originals
  •   Retro rehab
  •   Rockers
  •   Blue Rinse
  •   COW Vintage
  •   Afflecks palace
  •   POP café

In every shop the staff were extremely friendly and agreed to let me take photographs of the clothes and displays. There was a great range of clothes and accessories, everything from trainers and tracksuits to fur coats and dresses. The displays were eye catching and colourful.

Having never used a digital SLR camera before I was quite nervous of how the photographs would turn out. Some of the first photographs I took were blurry but the more I used the camera the easier it was. I found using the flash gave a better effect on some pictures. And I was also able to edit the pictures slightly afterwards on my laptops editing programme.

It was great to see the range of displays and how each store chose a different style, for example Retro rehab was a very cosy shop, it was very bright and colourful, but the use of lampshades and lighting gave the shop a very cosy feel.

The trip gave me lot of inspiration and ideas for my own display and I found it very helpful to speak to the staff in the shops. I plan to create a series of questions to ask the staff and owners for part of my project through a survey.

I have created contact sheets of the photographs I took in Manchester as I wanted to show the great range of photographs taken.