Survey responses

The survey I made had a huge impact on the work I created for this project.

The following images show the questions asked and the responses from the public.



The collected responses from this question became the reason behind my work being 50s inspired, as the majority of people chose 50’s as the answer to this question.



As the highest response to this question was dresses this inspired the dresses within my display.



As a lot of the responses from the public with this question were that they would like to see more vintage in Blackburn, this become my idea for creating my work within a shop to get people in the community back into the spirit of shopping vintage.



This question gave me an interesting view on how people felt about vintage and also began my journey into meeting with the rummage rescuers staff who very kindly agreed to let me use there own shop to display my work.



Exhibition display research

I decided to do some research on how I could display my work in the exhibition in a way that would show the work I had done was for a window display. I looked on Pinterest first to get a few ideas and found these images.

d275ae8eb55f97e96abea0bcb5704a25Pop up creative global agency. (2012). Why Pop-ups Are A Pop-Ular Choice. Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.

2storewindows. (2013). Hermes . Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Annabel. (2011). By Appointment Only Design, at One Mayfair ~ A Glamorous Evening that Showcased the Best of the UK Wedding Industry…. Available: Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Using these ideas as inspiration I created my own cardboard window display. using wood beams for support. I used black and white as using plain colours for the stand drew more attention to the work inside the display.



Display Sign

When looking at signs to make for my project I first looked at what font I would like. I used Microsoft word and experimented with a range of different fonts.

font 1

I eventually decided on the following design using two different fonts.

font 2

I printed this design out and photocopied it to make it large enough for my signs.


I then traced the design. After painting my wood that I had cut and scratching into it with screwdrivers and sanding some parts to give an aged affect i then retraced my font onto the wood.

I then painted the letters using a black gloss. I drilled a hole in to the top corners of each sign and threaded string through these.

I am very pleased with how the signs have turned out. I found using the black gloss to paint the letters quite difficult as I struggled to keep the letters neat but the overall effect turned out well.

Second life size dress

My inspiration for my second life size dress came from the famous Marilyn Monroe white dress used in the film The seven year itch from 1955.

I found this (2017). marilyn monroe 1955 white dress . Available: Last accessed 5/4/2017.

I first started to make the bodice for this dress using the same technique I used on my first dress. Using paper and PVA glue in layers to create a sturdy bodice.

Once the top had hardened I cut down the back using a scalpel knife, and continued to use the eyeleteer to create a corset back. Threading material through this to keep the shape together.

I made a wire frame for the base of the skirt in the same way as my first dress. I made four circles of wire and connected these with wire. I covered the frame with chicken wire and cling film. I found using chicken wire very difficult as it was hard to mould into shape and was very sharp, but the final result worked for what I needed it for.

I continued to cover the wire frame in layers of paper and PVA glue until sturdy enough.

For the design of the skirt I decided to use strips of paper facing downwards. I glued these on in layers around the skirt. I was very pleased with the outcome and how the paper flowed around the skirt.

I connected the bodice to the skirt my making small holes around the bottom of the bodice and top of the skirt and stitched through these to connect together. To hide the holes I then glued another layer of strips of paper over the holes.


I am very pleased with the final outcome and I think it has a likeness to the Marilyn Monroe dress which was my original inspiration.