Feedback from work in the shop

Once I had put my work up in the shop window at rummage rescuers, I set up a meeting with the manager of the shops Liz Crook to discuss my work.  (29th April 12.00)

We discussed ways that doing the display could get the attention of the public and get my name known for doing the work and also further work I could do for them.

We decided creating business cards to put into the shop would be a good idea to get my name out in the public and also by adding my blog link to the cards I could show how much time and work went into making the display and how the work progressed from an initial idea into the final piece of work.

To create the business cards I used a website called where I was able to use a business card design software to make a template for my business card. (

card design

I decided on the above design because I felt the simplicity and subtle tones of the design complemented my display work and gave a vintage feel. The cost of the business cards was £6.99 for 100 cards.

When I returned to the Rummage Rescuers shop to drop off my business cards I also left a notebook in the shop for customers to write feedback on my work if they wished to. The staff in the shop told me there had been a lot of interest in my work and people asking questions so I felt this was a great way to document peoples views on my display.

I began with writing a short note in the front of the notebook to explain who had made the work and a blog link, and also explained that feedback was a vital part of my project and would be greatly appreciated.

The feedback I received was overwhelming and it gave a heart warming feeling to see how much people had enjoyed seeing my work. This made me feel like I had achieved what I had intended to do by putting my work in this particular shop. I had brought interest to vintage items and the shop and created a feeling of nostalgia with the vintage theme.

Liz has also asked me to create a dress similar to the ones in my display out of fabric for one of their other shops in mill hill. She would like me to use clothing from the shops that they have been unable to sell and recycle this to create the dress. I am extremely excited to be given this opportunity and intend to send out the message to people that anything can be made into something beautiful through recycling.  I am intending to start this piece after my deadline for the current project.





Meeting with Rachel


Rachel Rhodes is the area manager for Rummage Rescuers. Rummage Rescuers is a not for profit company who work closely within the community to support people. They have 3 shops consisting of the mill hill shop and railway road shop which sell clothes, toys and home furnishings. They also have another shop near the town hall in Blackburn and a warehouse on Thomas street which are full of furniture and vintage items. They are a lovely group of people who all volunteer and give there support to people within the community.

Today I organised a meeting with Rachel to discuss my work and possibly displaying it in one of the shops. She was very friendly and helpful and has offered me any of the shops to display in and we have decided to do this around 1/5/2017 which will be the week before our exhibition is hanged at college. This will be a great opportunity to display my work within the community and also gain interest for the exhibition. I am very thankful for this experience.

Rachel also told us more about the company and all the work they do and I personally think they are an amazing group of people and a credit to our community.

Survey response

When looking through the responses I received from my survey I was very pleased to receive this reply from the CEO of Rummage rescuers.

rummage rescuer response

This is a great opportunity to practice my skills and a great opportunity to show off the work I have done. When speaking to Liz Crook the CEO I also received this reply.


I am very pleased to have the support of Rummage rescuers. They are a fantastic group of people. They have 3 shops in total and a warehouse and are run by volunteers. They are friendly and helpful and it is always a joy to visit there shops.