Display: From college to shop

I started experimenting with moving round items in my display at college to get a clearer idea of how I would like to display my work.

I decided to use the plinths to display work on in the shop as I felt this would look more professional and would also avoid the work getting damaged on the floor.

I asked a fellow student for help transporting my work from the college to the shop. We covered all the work in plastic to avoid the work being damaged. The above are photographs of me placing the work in the shop.

I am extremely pleased with the display and how well it works within the vintage shop. Putting the work in a vintage shop complements the work. I have given the staff in the shop a notebook for people to write feedback and comments in whilst the work is in the shop.





Vintage images

When I was researching 1950s window displays I came across an advert on Ebay for a small collection of 1950s window displays.

ebayI took the opportunity to purchase these photographs and hoped to use them within my display.

I first put the images onto a board that I had painted to look like a photograph, using double sided tape. The idea behind this was to have photographs within a photograph.

I then used the boards to photograph images and make them bigger to cover my window board that I intend to use for the exhibition.

I used the images in a collage style, using tape to stick them on. I covered both the inside walls of my exhibition stand.

I really like the effect that this gives and also how it shows a range of different window displays from the 1950s. I am also pleased that I can show research of other shop window displays within my own display.




Exhibition display research

I decided to do some research on how I could display my work in the exhibition in a way that would show the work I had done was for a window display. I looked on Pinterest first to get a few ideas and found these images.

d275ae8eb55f97e96abea0bcb5704a25Pop up creative global agency. (2012). Why Pop-ups Are A Pop-Ular Choice. Available: http://www.popupcreative.co.uk/pop-up/. Last accessed 11/04/2017.

2storewindows. (2013). Hermes . Available: https://twitter.com/storewindows. Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Annabel. (2011). By Appointment Only Design, at One Mayfair ~ A Glamorous Evening that Showcased the Best of the UK Wedding Industry…. Available: http://www.lovemydress.net/blog/2011/02/by-appointment-only-design-party-at-one-mayfair-feb-2011.html. Last accessed 11/04/2017.


Using these ideas as inspiration I created my own cardboard window display. using wood beams for support. I used black and white as using plain colours for the stand drew more attention to the work inside the display.



Rummage Rescuers shops

The above pictures are images of the two shops I have been offered to display my work in there windows. I have decided on the second shop as this shop sells vintage furniture which I feel is more fitting to the project I am doing. I also feel the space in the second shop is more suited to what I want to display.

University Place

I am very pleased to have been accepted onto the BA HONS Fine Art degree course at Blackburn university centre. This was where I had hoped to go to and I cant wait to take advantage of this opportunity and get involved in the course.


unit 5&6 assessment sheet


Using my smart targets from my units 5&6 assessment I have improved my work to the best of my ability. I have learnt how to Harvard reference my bibliography and I am applying this to all my unit 7 work.

I have experimented with different materials and processes to further develop my work and skill set.

I have also made sure to record relevant research and showed my work through different stages to show how the process has developed into a final piece of work. I am also recording targets and planning as I work through this project to help myself and also to show that I can keep a record of planning.

I have struggled with evaluating my work in the past and this is something I am also working to improve.