Papering the Body

I looked in the following book: Adeline Loh (2009). Perfect Paper. Singapore: Page One Publishing Pte. Ltd. 152-189.

Pages 152-189 consist of various ways of papering the body, for example dresses, jewellery, collars. With works from artists such as Jum Nakao, Giovanna Grimoldi, Elisabeth Lecourt and various other artists all working with paper. The design can be as simple

Page 152 explains the history behind paper dresses. “Paper dresses were the rage in the united states in the 1960s- cheap, disposable items which came in a dazzling array of colourful pop prints.”

Using paper for dresses I find is a great way of recycling materials such as books, magazines, newspapers etc.  The designs range from extremely delicate and almost ghostly like pieces of art such as Violise Lunns Bleeding Heart, Japanese paper,2003. To the more bold attention grabbing pieces such as Polly Verity’s Paper Masks 2007-2008, where she experiments with folding paper in different ways to create an effect.

The way a dress from paper can catch the eye as a piece of art or as a decorative piece of clothing inspires me greatly within my work.


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