Manchester trip


Today we were given the opportunity to visit Manchester city centre. whilst in Manchester I took the opportunity to visit Manchester’s northern quarter which is brimming with vintage and alternative shops.

I visited the following shops:

  •   Oxfam originals
  •   Retro rehab
  •   Rockers
  •   Blue Rinse
  •   COW Vintage
  •   Afflecks palace
  •   POP café

In every shop the staff were extremely friendly and agreed to let me take photographs of the clothes and displays. There was a great range of clothes and accessories, everything from trainers and tracksuits to fur coats and dresses. The displays were eye catching and colourful.

Having never used a digital SLR camera before I was quite nervous of how the photographs would turn out. Some of the first photographs I took were blurry but the more I used the camera the easier it was. I found using the flash gave a better effect on some pictures. And I was also able to edit the pictures slightly afterwards on my laptops editing programme.

It was great to see the range of displays and how each store chose a different style, for example Retro rehab was a very cosy shop, it was very bright and colourful, but the use of lampshades and lighting gave the shop a very cosy feel.

The trip gave me lot of inspiration and ideas for my own display and I found it very helpful to speak to the staff in the shops. I plan to create a series of questions to ask the staff and owners for part of my project through a survey.

I have created contact sheets of the photographs I took in Manchester as I wanted to show the great range of photographs taken.



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